Google blocks unauthorized Android devices – rooted users and cloned devices will have problems

- Adrian Ungureanu

Some worrying news come from Google. It seems that more and more users have been prompted a message from Google in over their devices, telling them that their device is unauthorized.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is. The block Google Services, which could lead to blocking updates, blocking access to the Google Play store and more.

Those who may have problems are those with rooted devices or using modified/customized third-party versions of Android. Also, the same thing might happen to cloned devices.

There are many small firms in China that makes smartphones or tablets that resemble original devices, but are not the real thing and whose quality is doubtful, so they don’t send them for certifications.

It’s not about the costs, because installing Android is free for smartphone and tablet makers, but it has to meet certain requirements set by Google.

But as problems arise on such devices, and users complain that Android is not working properly, Google may have decided to refuse taking responsibility for these devices.

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