Galaxy S8 Plus prices to go over $1.000

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, it seems that not only Apple iPhone 8 (iPhone X) will come at prices that will go over the $1.000 mark in stores, but the Galaxy S8 Plus model from Samsung will do as well.

A pricing list from an Ukrainian retailer showed up online that reveals, as expected, that the prices for the two new flagships will be, indeed, higher that the Galaxy S7 models launched last year.

The “standard” model Galaxy S8 will have a price at 25.666 Ukrainian Hryvnia, which is about $949 and the S8 Plus model is listed at a price of 28.999 Ukrainian Hryvnia, about $1.050. In Euros the prices would be at €895 for the S8 model and €995 for S8 Plus model.

The two smartphones ar expected to be unveiled on 29 March, in a special event in New York, but it seems that Samsung will officially announce the release that at MWC 2017, next Monday, 27 February.