Facebook launches Messenger Kids for Android devices

- Adrian Ungureanu

It is probably one of the few useful applications recently launched by Facebook which, for the time being, seems to be lacking any financial interests from the social network. For now.

This version of Messenger is dedicated to children aged 6 to 12 and was originally released in iOS and on Amazon tablets. But it’s now also available on Android devices.

The app does not contain any option to make any in-app purchases, nor the “Hide” option so parents can see what messages they have received and sent.

The good part is that the application does not require a Facebook account or a phone number. In addition, children will be able to report messages that are inappropriate for their age or offensive, and parents or the approved adults will be notified immediately if the kids have problems. Also, children can also block contacts.

Another important aspect is that parents do not need to install an extra app to keep their children in check, and they can check on their kids using the regular Messenger app.

To make the app more attractive to them, Facebook has added some elements specific to their age. Facebook has introduced new stickers, GIFs, frames and emoji more appropriate for their age. In addition they can initiate video calls with their friends, which will allow them to apply AR masks over their face, for more fun conversations.