Developers get access to Google Maps to make AR games

- Adrian Ungureanu

To allow other developers to launch games like Pokemon Go, Google has decided to make the Google Maps available to developers to make AR location-based games.

Augmented reality games are becoming more and more popular, and to make games like Pokemon Go you need access to a huge database of digital maps and Google Maps is the most handy source, specially for Android developers.

There is no bigger database than Google Maps at present, so developers who want to make games in reality augmented by localization will now be able to help themselves tapping inside Google’s navigation service.

Do not expect to see games in Google Maps. Developers will just be use Google’s Maps to place various events, trials, or even “treasures” in various venues around the world, just as you can find Pokemons in different places, no matter where you are in the world, in Niantic’s game. Niantic is using its own map database.

But not all developers have access to such resources, so Google has integrated Maps into the Unity platform, which allows developers to make AR games.

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