Deutsche Telekom announces that the first 5G antennas are live in Berlin

- Adrian Ungureanu

Until now, most predictions say that by the end of next year the first 5G telecommunication services should be online. But just only for businesses.

But there’s a pretty big chance that the first contracts to be signed even earlier. Deutsche Telekom, one of the biggest operators in Europe, announced the installation of the first 5G antennas in Europe, which are already operational. But for now, only the company uses them.

The new antennas were installed in six site in Berlin and cover an area of about 5 km2. The company announced that it wants to install about 70 5G antennas in a total of 20 locations by the end of this summer. The goal is that by 2020, when the first offers for 5G services will become available to end customers, the 5G network to cover all of Germany’s capital.