Crevasse Studios launches Railway Canyon game for iOS


Railway Canyon is a relaxing, pressure free puzzle indie game where the goal is to find a way to cross the Wild West by fixing the railway. The bandits are causing trouble in the wild west, they are trying to hijack the train and steal the cargo. Assemble the railway and move on before it’s too late. Thanks to the calming background music combined with nature sounds, the beautiful, warm color palette easy on eyes and the soothing gameplay, users will be invited to kick back and relax. Railway Canyon can be a great way to relieve stress and enjoy a soothing experience.

· 32 handcrafted wild west levels with relaxing vibes
· Play Offline, no internet connection required to play
· Beautiful, 3D artwork & animations
· No violence, stress-free; play at your own pace
· No ads, no in-app purchases. Buy it once, own it forever
· Simple controls, suitable for any age
· Easy to learn; no instructions needed
· Haptic Feedback
· Optimized for all iOS devices
· iMessage Stickers