Cartela Vodafone users can win a Mercedes-Benz A-Class, tens of trips to Greece, Spain, Egypt and Turkey and thousands of instant prizes


In the special autumn campaign, Vodafone prepaid service users can participate in a game in which they collect cards that bring thousands of instant prizes, as well as big prizes, after completing the collections, such as a Mercedes-Benz A-Class and tens of trips to Greece, Spain, Egypt or Turkey.

The new campaign, which runs under the headline “Live life as a game”, builds on the recently launched Vodafone brand message “Life First” and is an invitation for customers, through gamification, to transform everyday challenges into a fun experience.

Each time they recharge their prepaid service account, Vodafone customers receive a virtual Mystery Box in which they discover a set of cards. For a recharge below 5 euro, customers receive 1 card and for recharges above 5 euro, the number of cards matches the amount, with the possibility of wining up to 15 cards. Cartela Vodafone users also receive an extra card for each daily access of the game in their MyVodafone account. Cards can be either Jokers that bring instant wins or can become parts of a collection structured on four prize categories, Car, Phone, Trip, Shopping, named after the types of prizes available. In order to win a prize from a certain category, including the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, users have to collect all cards related to that collection category. Joker cards bring instant prizes including data bonuses from 1,000 MB to 100,000 MB, special offers from Vodafone Partners and other wins.

During the campaign, Vodafone prepaid users will receive millions of prizes. Vodafone’s partners in this campaign are Kaufland, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Christian Tour, 7 Card, BitDefender, Carturesti, IT Galaxy, Lex Shop, Philips, Regina Maria, Take Away, Answear, Cellara, Fitbit, MyKronox, Huawei, LG, Sony and HTC.

Vodafone customers can visualize at any moment their card collections and see what cards they hold and what cards they still lack by accessing the dedicated section of their MyVodafone account. They can also find all details about the game mechanism, the prizes and the way they can best play the game to win, on