Apple will launch at least two iPhones next year and they got their code names

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, it seems that Apple has started work for next years iPhones and the latest rumors suggest that they got their code names already.

We don’t now how they will be named. Most likely they won’t be named iPhone 8s and 8s Plus, because the rumors suggest that they will look like iPhone X and will borrow many of its features so Apple might go straight fot iPhone 9. But is still early for that.

Anyway the alleged iPhone 9 will is code named “Lisbon” (the capital of Portugal) and the Plus variant is code named Hangzhou (the capital and most populated city of the Chinese Zhejiang Province). The difference regarding the population of the two cities is justified. The urban population of Lisbon is around 2.7 million people, while Hangzhou has 7,9 million people. If we refer to their metropolitan areas, the difference is even bigger as the Portugese capital has 2.82 million and Hangzhou’s metropolitan area counts over 21.5 million inhabitants.

They say that the new iPhone will get many, if not all features of the iPhone X, like the 3D face recognition and design but they’re going to be a little less expensive. Not much, as the standard model will get only a $90 cut in comparison with this year’s iPhone X. In the US iPhone X has a recommended price tag of $999, iar outside the US there are countries where the prices reach well over $1,500.

But since is still very early so take this as is, just a rumor, because things might change a lot in the next 11 months.