Apple trademarks again the rainbow apple logo!


The old Apple rainbow logo was created more than 30 years ago, and they say it was the initiative of former and late CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

It was created because Jobs wanted show off all the colors the revolutionary Apple II can display: green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue.

It was first trademarked in 1977, but 22 years later, it was put out by Apple, who preferred to rely on a much sober, silver-colored version of the bitten apple logo. But now, Apple wants to bring the old logo back to life.

The company has just filed a new application to trademark the rainbow apple logo, because the old patent has expired. Now the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is reviewing the application and the logo is exactly same as the one we already know from the past.

Normally, it should be granted exclusive rights again without any problems, since it was created by Apple 31 years ago.