Apple plans to launch a new smart speaker, but with the Beats logo this time

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple doesn’t sell very well, or as well as they would’ve wanted their HomePod smart speaker, so they are ready to try a new approach, and the latest rumors suggest the involvement of the Beats division, which produces the famous Beats headphones.

HomePod has very thin chances to compete on equal terms with Amazon Echo and Google Home, which, aside the fact of being already very popular, have much, much lower prices. If the Amazon and Google speakers sell at prices below $100, HomePod costs $349, so it’s easy to figure out why Americans are not piled up to buy Apple’s gadget.

The company in Cupertino, however, is not ready to give up the fight and considers the launch of a cheaper smart speaker, but under the Beats brand. This does not seem to be very cheap either, because the speculated price is $199, so it’ll still be more expensive than the Amazon and Google devices.