Apple patents AR display tech for self-driving cars

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple is working on its own autonomous car for a while now, and they are still thinking of new ideas to improve the future of driving. The latest patent is extremely interesting and it was registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent refers to a display that will be mounted on the windshield of the car, displaying information and content in augmented reality (AR) to enhance safety.

Why would such a display be required for an autonomous machine, I don’t really get it, because the cars’ software “sees” through the cameras and sensors installed on the car, not through the windshield like a human driver.

In fact, what we understand from the patent, this display becomes extremely useful in low visibility conditions. For example, on a very foggy day, the route can be displayed on the windshield in the AR so that the driver knows what the turns are coming next. In such a situation, such a system is more than useful. It could even save lives.

It seems that the data will be stored in the cars computer and the software that “drives” the car can know the route configuration long before, and in low visibility conditions, when the cameras and sensors would not work at the optimum parameters, then the car will use the data already stored to better anticipate the route.

Anyway, such an invention would be extremely useful and we hope that Apple will use this technology. Perhaps others will follow its example. Still it seems that there are so many problems to be solved before such a tech would become reliable.

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