Apple patents an ”electronic device with flexible display” – it could be the 2020 iPhone

- Adrian Ungureanu

It becomes more and more clear that the smartphone makers will turn their focus on flexible, bendable, pliable smartphones, call them however you like.

ZTE has on bendable smartphone, Samsung prepares its own device, LG has patented a smartphone with bendable screen, Huawei said it what one, too, and Apple preparing as well. They say LG will make the bendable screens and some other flexible parts for a 2020 foldable iPhone.

Meanwhile, Apple has filed for a new patent. The invention is called an “Electronic device with flexible display”. Do we need more proof of their efforts? No! The illustrations don’t tell to much, but it clearly shows a device with a flexible display, that can be bent in the middle.

We’re still pretty far from 2020, so it’ll be a long wait to see what Apple is cooking.

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