Apple is developing its own ultrasonic in-display fingerprint readers too

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that not only will Samsung use in the ultrasonic fingerprint sensors that can be integrated into the displays in the future, but also Apple, which could install them on iPhones that will not have FaceID.

Currently, Apple has iPhone 8 and 8 Plus on the market that use a TouchID fingerprint sensor as a biometric method, and iPhone X that uses FaceID, a 3D facial recognition system.

This is an expensive technology with a heavy manufacturing process, and as fingerprint sensors integrated into the display seem to be future, Apple is looking for its own alternative.

South Korean press reports that Apple is developing its own ultrasonic fingerprint sensor. These sensors are said to be better than optical ones such as those produced by Synaptics and used by Vivo on the X20 Plus UD.

They are not cheap. The latest rumors said Samsung has already completed the development stage, but the production process is still very costly and their use would have been canceled for Galaxy Note 9 and will be used for the first time on the Galaxy S10.