Apple inquired by Chinese watch-dog for throttling the older iPhones

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple is far from relaxing after the throttling older iPhones scandal. You know the case, Apple decided to reduce the performance on older iPhone via a software update to prevent unexpected shut-downs and extend the life of the batteries, but the way the did it, didn’t fit with everybody.

Both customers and authorities are asking questions over Apple’s practices. France regulators even want to punish the company, and the fines could exceed $11 billion, but that’s only if the authorities can prove that Apple was slowing down the iPhones, just to make the customers to buy new ones. In France is called “planned obsolescence” and it’s illegal. But there aren’t any obvious evidence to back such accusations.

In the US they were inquired by the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, but it doesn’t sound too serious as of now. No possible penalties were announced in case it is proved that Apple violated any laws.

Now, the Xinhua press agency reports that the Shanghai Consumer Council has sent an inquiry letter to Apple over the slow-down of older iPhones after an iOS update, demanding a reply before Friday.

The council demanded the cause of the performance and remedy measures as well as complete information regarding the interests of consumers.

The council said it received 2,615 complaints on Apple products and services in 2017, compared with 964 complaints in 2015.

But, as in the US, it doesn’t feel like Apple is really in any danger of being penalized. Both in the US and in China the inquiries feel more like something that need to be done for the public eyes, not because they want to make Apple understand that what they did was wrong.