Apple to ditch the “notch” in 2019


The notch in the iPhone X’s display has been deeply criticized by many people when the first unofficial images emerged before the unveiling revealing the unorthodox design. Many prayed that that won’t happen.

But it did happen! Many criticized the notch after launch. Others, after a while, said they got used to it and it’s not that “annoying” as it used to be the first time. Other manufacturers, some who even mocked the iPhone X design, such as Huawei, have come to copy it.

At the launch of the Mate 10 series, Huawei laughed pretty hard at Apple’s design but now copies it to their top Huawei P20 series, and you can also see it in the latest leaked pictures of the three phones.

Apple will use the “notch” this year too, and we could even have three iPhones that will have the same “notched” display. But from 2019, an anonymous source from South Korea, told local media that Apple will launch a smartphone that provide the real full screen experience. So it’ll ditch the notch!

That’s good news. Personally, no matter what phone I saw the cutouts on the screens, I did find any real advantage. The notches aren’t not real assets. They are compromises. But maybe it’s just a personal preferences. Maybe others screens with bangs.