Apple discontinues its AirPort routers lineup

- Adrian Ungureanu

The American tech giant has decided to give up one of its product ranges, and about two years after the first rumors, Apple officially confirmed it would no longer make any wireless routers.

The AirPort family, which includes three routers Express, Extreme and Time Capsule routers, the latter also having a hard drive to back up data, will not be produced anymore.

Bloomberg reported in 2016 that Apple had dropped the development of new routers, but then the company didn’t say anything. It is likely that stocks are now being depleted and the Cupertino giant has decided to announce that the AirPort routers are being discontinued.

But it became pretty clear as Apple didn’t updated any of the products. Express hasn’t received any love from the company since 2012, Extreme since 2013 and Time Capsule was left out too in 2016.

It’s not the only line of products Apple has discontinued up in recent years. Back in 2016 the ended the career of their “Cinema Display” series.