Apple devices victims in one of the biggest hacking campaigns of all time

- Adrian Ungureanu

Bitdefender experts have identified a cybernetic threat for Mac systems capable of stealing sensible data, such as passwords and even stored data, as part of one of the biggest cyber-spying campaign of all time known as APT28.

Xagent is a advanced persistent threat (APT) that spies on OSX machines and indirectly iOS devices. It does not affect Apple‘s end-users as this threat steals data from companies and organisations all over the world, according to a Bitdefender press release.

The Romanian software company says that APT 28 or Sofacy as it is referred sometimes, became active since 2007 in Europe and it supposed to be stealing valuable data for Russia. It targets companies and organisations from various fields as telecom, aerospace, governmental institutions and more.

Bitdefender points out that APT28 activity peaked during some major international events such as Ukrainian crisis or the exposure of the new Russian military PAK FA T-50 Fighter, capable to reach supersonic speeds, a direct competitor of the F35 model of the american company Lockheed Martin.