Apple cuts down production on HomePod in just two months since its release

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apparently Apple doesn’t have the much wanted succes with their smart speaker, the HomePod. It may be because they’ve arrived to late on a market dominated by Amazon and Google.

HomePod, announced late last year and put up for sale just two months ago, does not perform in sales as expected by the chiefs of the Cupertino offices. Many blame the price. As Amazon’s and Google’s device go for prices under $100, Apple’s HomePod has a price of $349.

In fact, at the end of March, two months after the release, Apple lowered its initial estimate of the sales of their smart speakers and reduced the orders from to the company that assembles the HomePod, Inventec.

It was not a bad start though, Apple HomePod became the third most popular device after Amazon Echo and Google Home. In fact, between HomePod and Google Home, by the end of March, there was on a 4 percent split them in terms of market share.

Amazon Echo is the market leader, with 73% of the US market, followed by Google Home by 14% and Apple HomePod by 10%.

But does figures do not please Apple’s bosses who have decided to cut the production pace.

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