Apple buys a wireless tech charging company from New Zeeland

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple has turned for wireless charging with this year’s iPhones, but it seems that they still have some important plans in regard with wireless charging.

The US tech giant, bought a New Zealand based wireless charging technology company named PowerbyProxi that designs wireless power solutions. Apple’s senior vice president of hardware engineering Dan Riccio has confirmed the acquisition..

PowerbyProxi is a New Zealand based company that was founded in 2007 with an aim to develop wireless charging technology that lets you charge smartphones and other devices without requiring a cord.

The company has developed Proxi-Module which is a modular wireless power and data transfer system that is capable of adapting and integrating a wide variety of products and situations. By using a 65mm power coil, the hardware can deliver up to 100 watts of power to devices like drones and robots with up to 91 percent efficiency which is currently the highest in the market.

The internal circuit design of the Proxi-Module supports foreign object detection, dynamic pairing, and other advanced features and also has a waterproof design which allows for various uses cases and docking solutions. The company is also marketing Proxi-Com which is an add-on-unit that integrates with Proxi-Module to convert wired data signals like CAN bus, Ethernet, and GPIO to wireless.

It’s interesting to see what plans Apple has for the newly acquired company.