Apple AirPods 2 to have better batteries, wireless charging, Siri and noise cancellation

- Adrian Ungureanu

The rumors about Apple’s second generation of their in-ear wireless headphones, the AirPods 2, are beginning to multiply and it’s interesting to see some that those rumors agreeing in some aspects.

Last week there was some information about the AirPods 2 bundled with rumors about the launch of some premium wireless over-the-ear headphones that could compete directly with the Beats headphones.

The information came from from the international news agency Bloomberg, and now analysts at Barclays, one of the biggest financial institutions in the world, announced that AirPods 2 will come with new and interesting features.

First of all, the AirPods 2 will provide better battery life. Also, the Barclays analysts suggest they will come with noise cancellation features. The noise cancelling improvements are referred to as using physical analog methods, rather than active noise cancellation using electronics. Also, it is said to be water-resistant and wireless charging.

Bloomberg said last week that the new headphones will also provide support for Siri virtual assistant and will be released later this year, but Barclays says AirPods 2 will be launched in 2019. Bloomberg’s story seems to be more solid because Apple did announced that they will launch AirPods 2 sometime in 2018. Barclays claims that the new AirPods will launch next year, might mean that the analysts predict some development and production hiccups.

Anyway, it’s still early enough to draw conclusions, which of the two sources have the correct information about the possible launch date.