Android O to help smartphone users improve the battery life

- Adrian Ungureanu

The battery is the main concern for your average smartphone user out there. Our phone are more and more powerful, but as long the computing power growing, so is the energy consumption.

The batteries became bigger over the last year but they hardly can keep up the pace with the other components that are better and more power hungry. Google hopes to help users with the upcoming Android operating system.

Google has improved the battery settings menu to make it easier for users to understand how much battery life certain apps are using in the background, and if that is why they are acting as energy hogs.

Right now if you open the battery stats on your phone, you can see which apps are responsible for the highest percentage of battery usage since the last charge. While that is good to know, the data shown on Android O takes the information one or two steps beyond this.

With the battery settings data available with the next build of Android, users will able to determine not only the percentage of battery usage, it also will tell them the actual time they spent using it.

Tapping on an individual app users will be able to discover whether most of the battery life it consumed came while it was running in the background, or if it took place while the users were actively using the app. Knowing which apps are misbehaving as opposed to just being used often is important; it will allow users to improve your battery life by deleting the apps that are not working correctly.