Android 9.0 might be able to alert users when their calls are recorded!

- Adrian Ungureanu

Google wants to raise the security level on the upcoming Android 9.0 P mobile operating system which will be to be released this year.

One of the most interesting features tested by Google, which could have a significant impact on protecting the privacy of users, is to the one that will  alert the users when their calls are recorded.

There are situations when calls are recorded and users are properly informed. For example, when calling to customer support centers, but there are situations when one of the parties involved does not know that the phone call is recorded.

The new operating system from Google will be able to alert users no matter if they directly notified or not. It is unclear whether this feature will be available globally, as it seems to be imposed as a necessity in several US states where it is illegal to record calls without notifying all parties involved.

We do not know if this feature can serve as a tool against secret services. Although it is not excluded, most likely not, because ain’t that right(?!), the authorities can special treatment.