Android 8 officially named Oreo

- Adrian Ungureanu

Many of you probably know that the names of the Android versions are chosen in alphabetical order and this year it had to be something starting with an “O”.

It’s probably the first time when the initial and the most rumored name was the correct: Oreo. A couple of days ago there were some speculation as it could be “Orellete” a Catalan cuisine pastry eaten during festivals or at weddings, but that was completely wrong.

Maybe someone doubted that Google and Mondelez will come to an agreement for using the famous cookie brand. The last time when Google teamed up with a food company was when Android 4.4 was named KitKat, as the software giant and Nestle agreed to using this name.

Next year will have Android 9 or Android P, so you can start speculating what kind of dessert Google will choose this time.