Ambitious HMD wants to make Nokia brand go head-to-head with Apple and Samsung

- Adrian Ungureanu

Tomislav Himbele, head of marketing in Europe for HMD, the company that produces Nokia-branded smartphone, told in a recent interview that they have big plans for the Nokia brand.

According to him Nokia will become again one of the biggest name in the phone industry, saying the the Finnish brand will get into top 3, which is formed right now from Apple, Samsung and Huawei. The HMD official wants Nokia to be a fierce competitor to Apple and Samsung.

As for the already announced smartphones, Nokia 3, 5 and 6 they will arrive in Europe from mid-May to early June. This is also available for Nokia 3310. The exec did warn that prices may be different from those HMD announced at the MWC, depending on local VAT. For example, Germany has one of the lowest rates at 19% while Hungarians pay 27%.

In the following months we should see some more launches as rumors about Nokia 7 and Nokia 8 continue to spread.