ABI Research’s MWC 2019 ‘Reality Check’ Whitepaper Highlights ‘Anxiety’ and Transformative Technologies


MWC 2019, which was formerly Mobile World Congress, demonstrated the mobile industry knows it needs to change and without that change and a massive recalibration of its fundamental business model and modus operandi, it will become obfuscated, announced ABI Research, a market-foresight advisory firm providing strategic guidance on the most compelling transformative technologies.

MWC 2019 could best be characterized as displaying an anxiety borne from an industry suffering from a combination of split personality disorder and ADHD,” wrote Stuart Carlaw, Chief Research Officer at ABI Research, in the firm’s post-conference whitepaper: “A Reality Check from Mobile World Congress 2019.”

One half of the industry encompasses an emerging band of technology companies that are addressing some pressing industry-centric issues with real-world solutions based on direct vertical market customer need. “The other half of the industry is made up of a carrier community that is moving at the same pace as the Titanic attempting to turn and avoid the iceberg. Too slow and too late,” added Carlaw.

ABI Research had seven analysts at MWC 2019, which was held in Barcelona, Spain, between Feb. 25-28, 2019. The analysts’ findings are captured in the second annual post-conference whitepaper, “The Future of the Mobile Industry: A Reality Check from Mobile World Congress 2019: 6 Brief Reads for Visionaries.” The analysts focused on these compelling transformative technologies:

  • 5G & Mobile Network Infrastructure
  • Digital Security
  • M2M, IoT & IoE
  • Smart Cities & Smart Spaces
  • Smart Mobility and Automotive
  • Smartphones and Wearables

Some of the analysts’ conclusions about Smartphones & Wearables from the whitepaper include:

  • Despite the lack of anything tangible to help compare these foldable devices and determine their utility, there is no doubt that they are here to stay and look set to be a major trend for 2019.
  • Aside from foldable and 5G devices, other features of note that appeared on smartphone launches at the show centered on the usual differentiators of cameras and screens.
  • It has become clear that many 5G and foldable devices on show were also the first steps into the market, and it will be a few years before volumes ramp up and there are subsequent reductions in price.

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