6 tips for taking better pics with your smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

Well, smartphones have long gain their place as the preferred device to take pictures with. If you talk about everyday life events or special ones, most of us prefer the smartphone.

And it’s not a surprise since the latest models are having decent if not very good cameras, we always carry the smartphones with us and are easy to use. Open the app, point and tap. But how can we make great pictures with the smartphone.

The guys at TP-Link, the company that is producing the Neffos-branded smartphones, offered us 6 tips about taking better pictures with our smartphone.

Perfect Timing
To you, every single day, hour and minute of summer holiday may be pure sun-filled perfection. However, when it comes to mobile photography (any photography for that matter), a short period of a few hours or even minutes can make the difference between an Instagram hit and “just another photo” tucked away in the attic of your phone storage. The best times for a summer photo session are early morning and late afternoon: just after sunrise or right before sunset. No, we’re not being romantic here. At these times of day, the sun is at its softest and the photos taken during the so-called golden hour tend to have an almost magical light property – a signature summer glow.

Staying Alive
A good photo always tells a story. And a good story is always an adventure. Don’t go for the polished cliche setup of A (you) standing in front of B (landmark/ocean/mountain). Tell a story. Move around, be silly, ask a friend to snap a pic of you when you are not looking – let your energy burst right through the screen. Especially, since the X1 Max comes with just the right tech to pull it off – PDAF, or Phase Detection Auto Focus. The feature enables the phone’s camera to focus super fast – in an incredible 0.2 seconds – letting you capture that evasive instant with as little distortion as possible. So, jump high into the sky and use the Neffos X1 Max’s Burst Mode to capture all the different poses you manage to take in the air. Or, go in for that bungee jump – and have great quality evidence of your fearlessness.

Use props
Make sure your photo has character and detail. A pair of sunglasses in your hand, a coconut tree in the background, a magnolia flower in your hair can all add depth to your photo giving the audience an inside look into your exciting summer day. Props are fun – but don’t overuse them. One or two objects per photograph are more than enough – you want the picture to look breezy and effortless, not like something that came from an 80’s photo studio.

Experiment with angles
One of the most common mistakes a lot of us make when taking photos with a phone is using the same latitude – eye level. In the end, we wind up with gigabytes of very similar pictures that do show others what we’ve seen – but with zero nuance. Switch up your stance and see what a great difference it will make in de-saming your images.

Don’t leave yourself out
We’ve come to think of selfies as something to guiltily indulge in when nobody is looking. But let’s face it (pun intended) – a clever picture of your sun-burnt face with a colorful background of the turquoise blue ocean and palm trees would channel more emotion than a thousand landscape shots. For most, a simple one-second selfie takes at least 5 minutes of “does my hair look okay” or “is my face too shiny”.

As excited as you may be to share that hot off the sand photo right away, while the moment is still vivid in your head and your phone’s screen still a bit warm from sun rays – hold on. Let the picture sit for a while and think of a few editing techniques that could make it better: a couple of minor tweaks can turn a simple photo into a true masterpiece. You can do some quick editing on the Neffos X1 Max itself: crop, rotate, straighten, add mirror effects and more – plus, the phone’s camera app comes with a nice selection of filters.

And last, but not at all least, don’t forget to pause and take a mental snapshot. As summer rushes by, trends change and photos get accidentally deleted, your memories are here to stay – no filters needed.