ZTE to present a LTE Gigabit smartphone at MWC 2017

- Adrian Ungureanu

China’s ZTE prepares us a big surprise for this year Mobile World Congress (MWC) edition, where a LTE Gigabit capable smartphone will be unveiled by the company.

There aren’t to many information on this smartphone besides what the company revealed itself. This new smartphone will be capable to stream 360-degree VR, 4K video and grant instant cloud storage.

There are a few places on Earth where telecom operators still test LTE Gigabit networks, but it seems that ZTE is preparing for the future.

Earlier this year Qualcomm announced that its latest chipset Snapdragon 835 includes gigabit LTE-capable X16 modem and it’s the only one we know of its kind so far. So we can guess that this new ZTE smartphone will be equipped with Snadragon 835 chipset.

MWC 2017 will open its doors on 27 February so we don’t have to wait to much to find out what ZTE has in store for us.