ZTE may unveil next month a foldable dual screen smartphone

- Adrian Ungureanu

In the past few years, the innovation kinda stopped in the smartphone industry and the manufacturing companies uses now the “innovation” word to describe the annual upgrades.

Putting more RAM, storage or adding some more megapixels it’s not innovation, it is called upgrades and I’m sure that most of you agree. Not to mention that most smartphone makers, buy the parts from other companies so you are using someone else’s tech, so it’s even worse.

Anyway, we’re looking for something with a bigger impact. Foldable smartphone might do the trick, because we’ve been waiting for them for a while. Most definitely Samsung will launch something next year, because DJ Koh himself, the head of the mobile business at Samsung, said so.

But until we’ll get to see what Samsung has in stored for us, be might get to see something else sooner, from ZTE, which supposedly will unveil Axon Multy or Axon M, which is a foldable, dual screen smartphone. Once unfolded the two screen will combine into a bigger one, with 6.8 inches in diagonal and a 2,160×1,920 pixels resolution.

From the pictures posted by the guys at Android Authorities we do notice one big flaw of the concept. There’s going to be a thick line in the middle of the screen, as the bezels around the two screen doesn’t look very thin. But we might see on October 17, what Axon Multy is supposed to be.