’Zero point’, the Oculus Rift VR documentary, is released [video]


The first 3D 360 short film created for virtual reality, for Oculus Rift VR is here, you need a PC, a Oculus Rift device and around $15. But first, check out the Zero Point’s trailer below.


The documentary was directed by Danfung Dennis, also known for the Hell and Back Again war documentary, in collaboration with some VR researchers and with tech from Condition One.


Zero Point is a niche product, as well as Oculus Rift VR, dedicated to those who really have an interest in virtual reality. This movie is a mix of wide-angle video, 360-degree panoramas, fully spherical shots from places like Golden Gate Bridge, without focusing on aspects of the technology or its social implications. Instead, the movie offers a glance through the evolution of VR and its future in the filming industry.


Source: theverge