YouTubers watch 1 billion hours of video content each day

- Adrian Ungureanu

YouTube came up on its blog to thank their users for the huge amount of video content watched every single day. According to YouTube the consumption of video content on the platform reached the 1 billion hours each day milestone.

They say that 1 billion years means over 100,000 years (114,155 to more accurate). YouTube notes that 100,000 years ago, our ancestors were crafting stone tools and migrating out of Africa while mammoths and mastodons roamed the Earth.

If you spent 100,000 years traveling at the speed of light, you could travel from one end of the Milky Way to the other (and you wouldn’t age a day!).

“We’ve worked hard behind the scenes to make that billion-hour journey possible, but this isn’t just our milestone. It belongs to all of you, too—the global audience that tunes in every day and the creators whose videos have made YouTube the original, surprising and limitless source of entertainment it is. From all of us here at YouTube, please accept our heartfelt thanks”, concluded YouTube its announcement.