YouTube to fix the biggest flaw of the mobile app

- Adrian Ungureanu

Many people like to film using their phones and most of them hold their phone vertically while shooting. Then they upload their video on video platforms. YouTube is the most popular of them, so many video filmed using smartphones end up here.

While on a PC or Mac is easier to watch them because of the bigger screens, watching them on the mobile app is a different story. And that because while holding the phone vertically only a third of the screen is used so its almost impossible to watch this kind of video.

If you rotate the phone to watch it in full-screen mode, there’s a lot of unused space and the most logical thing would be to be able to watch them full-screen while holding to phone upright. But we can’t do that!

Well, it seems that YouTube will fix this problem that remained unfixed for all this years. The best way to fix was to allow the section of the app that shows the video content while the phone is held vertically to be expanded while the video is automatically resized to fit the screen ratio, as you can see in the GIF bellow.

It was about time! They didn’t said when this new feature will be available, but we understand that it’s going to be introduce soon, maybe in one of the next updates. Hopefully!