Youtube and Google+ to groom, clean up and purify your comments


Starting this week, Youtube will work on the anatomy of user’s comments, therefore, only those with relevance for the video and for the viewers will be highlighted.


This new system wants to improve the quality of the comments and, at the same time, to diminish those from random viewers. At the top of the list, people will see comments from the video’s creator, popular personalities, and people in the user’s Google+ Circles. Still, if they want, users will be able to view comments chronologically by switching from “Top Comments” to “Newest First”.


It is easy to guess that all these changes are part of the Google+’s struggle to attract new users and better compete against rivals such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, if you want to comment on videos, you need to be on Google+, and you need to connect your Google+ profile or page with your YouTube account.


Nevertheless, users will have many ways to control the visibility, by choosing to have their comments seen by everyone, only by people in their Google+ Circles, or only by particular person. The same thing goes for the video creators who will have new tools to moderate comments and review them before they are posted, to block comments that contain nasty words, or to auto-approve comments posted by specific people. Censorship or not, you still can comment on Youtube about these changes.


Source: techhive