You don’t like smartphones thick frames? See what prepares new company ZUK


The trend for manufacturers of smartphones, we trigger devices as possible – thin frame. The new company under the auspices of Lenovo, evidently takes things to a whole other level. On 11 August, at the end of the conference when Zuk unveiled its first smartphone, demonstrates an interesting prototype.

The full transparent screen was shown in the final of the event. As you can see from the photos, there is no trick, and the screen is really clear. This phone there seems Zuk has had the technology to produce such innovative device.


Smartphone stand out perform all functions as a traditional smartphone. Of course, it is possible to display images, phone calls, play music, etc. As you can see one of the photos, photography is clearly seen, although this transparent screen.


Let me remind you that this is only a prototype of the device and expect sales at launch – early next year. Certainly not easy to produce such devices without a frame, not at this stage. It will take some time until the market begins to develop similar smartphones.


However, it is exciting to touch a working prototype. What we see from these photographs is that the device does seem high.


What do you think? Whether frameless screens are the future of smartphones?