YotaPhone 2 already has successors – YotaPhone 2c and 3 Yotaphone


We expect two followers of the device, which impressed us with two displays, one of which works with electronic ink. Hit proposal is YotaPhone 2 and heirs YotaPhone 2c and YotaPhone 3. The information came to us thanks to the company manager for the Americas.

Of course, YotaPhone 3 comes with hardware changes, including – serious chipset, on – strong picture and improved rear display.

YotaPhone 2c on the other hand, there will come a few missing features from YotaPhone 2 to be a dual screen, but more – affordable price. The timeframe for the release of the two units depends on the success of YotaPhone 2, although many users already have a large interest in the duo. YotaPhone 2 arrived in the US last week and is available for $ 500 through Indiegogo.