Xperience the Xperia Z camera samples


Deutsch website bestboys.de has taken the Xperia Z and its 13MP camera out for a spin and the boys have come back with a whole batch of photos and video to show you what Sony’s new beast is capable of. Sony certainly means business with the Xperia Z and what we’re seeing here seems even better than Nokia’s somewhat overhyped PureView camera in the Lumia 920. Quality is by no means perfect, but its quite great, with preserved detail and tolerable amounts of noise. The video is not that impressive, but the subtle HDR makes for a more eye-pleasing lighting aesthetic. Have a look the samples yourself at http://bestboyz.de/xperia-z-testbilder/. Is Xperia Z Sony’s first true flagship, shaped to perfection and ready to compete with top-dogs Apple and Samsung? We still haven’t had the chance to test it, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.