Xperia Yuga and Odin – one phone, two personalities


According to the latest Xperia-related gossip, the model known as “Odin” will arrive on the market in the form of Xperia X – the international version of the Xperia Z, also known as “Yuga”. The situation recalls the case of Xperia Ion and the Xperia S. Accordingly, the Yuga is going to the US, and Odin shall conquer the rest of the world. We don’t mind, as we’re basically getting the boss of all Scandinavian gods in the shape of a smartphone, while America is getting a lowly Yuga. :p The two models should be identical on the inside, but subtly different on the outside.

By the way, Sony are officially out of letters as they have put the last remaining letter in the English alphabet to use. What are they going to do now?