Xperia TL shown running Android 4.1.2


Sony Xperia T, also known as the current James Bond smartphone, is one of the first Xperia models on track to get an update to Jelly Bean. The update is expected in either February or March, but the LTE version of Xperia T – the Xperia TL, surfaced on a video from Vietnam with a leaked version of the update installed. The video shows new functions in action such as a new launcher, new lockscreen and some options that are to be found in the upcoming Xperia V, such as Auto-mode for the camera and ClearAudio+ technology for, err, clearer audio. There are new wallpapers and multimedia applications on tap. Google Now is missing and the camera works at 12MP instead of 13MP, but all of this is probably due to the early state of the update. If anything, this video confirms Sony are hard at work and can be trusted on bringing Jelly Bean to the Xperia line.