Xiaomi to introduce a new brand to compete with OPPO and Vivo – UPDATE

- Adrian Ungureanu

It seems that Xiaomi wants to reclaim its position as leader of the smartphone in the Chinese market, by introducing a new brand that will compete directly with BBK Electronics’ brand divisions, Oppo and Vivo.

At least this is what we get from the latest rumors that popped up in China. Even a photo has emerged on the web, showing a fraction of the first smartphone that will be launched under this new brand.

The new brand is supposed to be “Lamni”, which means “blue rice”. It won’t by too strange, since “Xiaomi” means “millet”. Allegedly, the name of the first smartphone under the new brand is called “X1”.

The photo doesn’t offer to many clues, only that is similar in design with the Oppo R11 Plus and OnePlus 5, that are themselves inspired from iPhone 7 Plus, if we judge by the dual-camera set horizontally and the antenna lines you can notice on the frame of the phone.

Anyway, I think this new brand would be used mainly in China. Xiaomi is one of the top dogs in China, but in dropped from 1st place in 2015, as the top vendor, in 2016 it dropped to 5th place, with Oppo being the leader of the market, and Vivo also surpassed Xiaomi in total of shipments within the country.

There is a possibility that Xiaomi would use the new brand in India as well, but Xiaomi is currently second in the market, being surpassed only by Samsung, and I don’t think it would be wise to create confusion among fans at this point.