Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 designer goes Bond in official video teaser

- Adrian Ungureanu

Xiaomi chose French designer Philippe Starck to design Mi Mix 2 and now they put him to star in an official teaser for the new smartphone.

The teaser depicts Starck doing Bond and using the smartphone as a pistol, shooting around everything it came in his path. The smartphone is shown almost completely on camera, but Starck hold the phone in his hand with the rear side of the phone towards the camera so we can’t really see it in all i glory so we can confirm the final design.

The video we found on YouTube does not stop there, and the Mi Mix 2 is revealed in other teasers as well. But again, even though it is shown to the cameras, very little is revealed. Mi Mix 2 will be unveil on Monday, September 11th, so stay close!