Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 compared in live pictures with its predecessors only hours ahead of the unveiling

- Adrian Ungureanu

Xiaomi will unveil today the new Mi Mix 2 flagship, but just hours ahead of the official unveiling a couple of pictures with the original Mi Mix and the upcoming Mi Mix 2 has emerged on the web.

The two smartphone are set together so we can get a picture of the difference in size between them. Mi Mix 2 is the model on the right and you can clearly see that is considerably smaller than its predecessor.

The original model had a 6.4-inch display, while the new model sport a 6.2-inci display.

Also, the design on the new Mi Mix 2 seems more “rounded”, but there’s no dual camera at the back if you expected one. There’s still the just one sensor and a the same fingerprint reader at the back.

Anyway, as we said, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 should officially pop up anytime now, so stay tuned.