Xiaomi Mi 6 might be officially released globally

- Adrian Ungureanu

Xiaomi is one of the top smartphones vendors in the world, but that is thanks to its popularity in Asia, mainly in China and India. The Chinese company hesitated to go globally with its smartphones, one of its biggest concerns being related to supply.

Its phones are getting in some western markets but only because some retailers supply their own stocks from China and the resell them in their countries. But Xiaomi never assumed full responsibilities for its smartphone in markets where it does not have a good presence.

So Xiaomi Mi 6 was made available only in China, Rusia and other countries in the region, but now its flagship might become available worldwide as the phone was listed on the global website of the company. Xiaomi Mi 6 has all de ingredients to become a best seller packing high end specs at decent prices.

Xiaomi is an important smartphone maker, even though its better known in Asia. In 2015 was No.1 in China. In 2016 in dropped to the 5th place, but it became No. 2 in India, second only to Samsung.

Another good example of how important Xiaomi is in the industry, is that Xiaomi was second in line, after Samsung, to get Snapdragon 835 chipsets from Qualcomm. The American chipmaker even offered important discounts for its Snapdragon 835, just to make Xiaomi to choose them over Taiwan’s MediaTek.