Xiaomi MI-2S to challenge the Galaxy S4 in China


Not long ago we heard of the Xiaomi MI-3, a very well profiled smartphone which should continue the trail of success Xiaomi’s devices have enjoyed in their China motherland. Meanwhile, Xiaomi is ready to pull another “Apple” and introduce the Xiaomi MI-2S, an incremental update to their last year flagship which will sport a faster Snapdragon 600 CPU clocked at 1.7GHz. The Xiaomi MI-2S has the last-gen Snapdragon S4 Pro unit which still offers remarkable performance.

With this move, Xiaomi is set to compete with the Galaxy S4, already boasting that their smartphone beats Samsung’s flagship in performance. Technically, that’s true and proven by benchmarks, but here’s the catch: the MI-2S only has a 4.3-inch HD screen, while Samsung is selling a 5-inch Full HD display behemoth. With that in mind, the performance advantage (which you can spot thoroughly in GSMArena’s article) is nothing to boast about, unless you are in marketing.

The MI-2S will be sold in 16GB and 32GB variants priced at $320 and $370, respectively. Along with a nice, but too small to stand against the Galaxy S4’s display and a CPU to match it, the phone has 2GB RAM and 2000mAh battery with the option of a 3000mAh unit.

Source: GSMArena