Xi3 offer the Piston mini-PC for pre-order


Xi3 is a modular-PC maker who recently got recognised for working alongside Valve Software on the so-called “Steam-Box” – a PC-like video game console. At CES 2013 the company showed off a prototype of said device based on the Piston – a modular mini-PC configuration with a quad-core AMD A10 CPU, 8GB RAM and SSD storage. Said PC is now up for preorder with prices starting from $900 for the 128GB version and peaking at $1650 for 512GB.

Valve president Gabe Newell recently announced that prototypes of the Steam-Box will start shipping to developers in the coming months, with a variety of controlers to test the waters, so to speak. With news of Piston units shipping to consumers by the holiday season, it seems Valve is set to compete with MS, Sony and Nintendo this Christmas.