WP8 devices will be eligible to next version updates


WP8 users will be reasurred that their devices will not follow the fate of the previous generation Windows Phones who are stuck with Windows Phone 7.8 forever. And ever. And ever. Greg Sullivan, a senior marketing manager has hinted in an PCMag interview that Windows Phone 8 will be upgradeable and outright says that “current WP8 users have nothing to fear from upgrades” unlike WP7 users.

Microsoft had a problem with not making WP7 flexible enough and had it running to strict hardware specs which rendered WP7 handsets looking dated by midyear after launch. That’s not the case with WP8. Microsoft have worked up quite a strategy behind it which sees the OS tailored to the needs of all kinds of markets including the fast-growing demand in the developing world. Sullivan argues that if you have an Android phone that’s affordable, you usually never have the latest software, can’t run most intensive apps and the performance is dissapointing. We agree that he got the last part quite right.