Would you like iPhone SE 2 if it would look like this? It looks better than iPhone X

- Adrian Ungureanu

I do not know if it would be a very inspired idea, but Apple’s “budget phone” is said to have a design similar to iPhone X, the current flagship, and the latest images emerging on the internet proves it. Why? Because iPhone SE 2 will surely become very popular among Apple fans.

The guys at Phone Arena made a set of renders, relying on the information already on the market, the 3D CADs that have emerged on the web and some alleged renders of the Olixar, a well known mobile accessories maker.

The images showcase a slightly thicker phone. In an case that takes us back to iPhone 5, but with a notch like iPhone X. But the notch is smaller and more discreet. The phone is smaller in itself.

My impression is that it looks better than his big brother. However, it should be borne in mind that although the renders have been made based on a consistent set of information, none of them have been confirmed. Thus they are are not official images. So there is no guarantee that the actual iPhone SE 2 will look like this.

But if it were, considering that it will be much cheaper than the iPhone X, probably $600 max, but it could be cheaper, it certainly has all the chances of becoming very popular. Maybe even more popular the iPhone X.