Would you like iPhone 8 apps to be displayed like this?

- Adrian Ungureanu

There’s very little time until Apple will unveil its new iPhones, but rumors keep poring in, as  tipster Benjamin Geskin has tweeted a couple of mockups of how apps will be displayed on iPhone 8.

The tipster claims that the apps might be displayed even around the cutout at the top of the screen and as the guys at BGR.com noticed, it’s a bit weird. I don’t like how it looks at the bottom either.

Some blogs and other IT/gadgets website say Benjamin Geskin was prolific about iPhone 8 rumors, but I’ve don’t agree as much since he was of sometimes and his mockups varied constantly, even though every time he claimed he had strong sources within the company. If you sources are so reliable, why the information changes so much every time.

Anyway, we’re just a few days ahead of the official unveiling, as it will be held on Tuesday, September 12th, at Steve Jobs Theatre, which is in the Apple Park.