Working iPhone 8 appears in leaked video for the first time

- Adrian Ungureanu

Apple will unveil iPhone 8 in just 7 days, well 6 and a half if you count the hours too, but the rumors and leaks don’t seem to stop. But we’re not upset about that because a first video of an alleged working iPhone has surfaced on the web from China.

The video quality is bad and the dark surroundings don’t give us the opportunity to glance ar the case, but there are some clues that the phone in the video is an actual iPhone 8. The most visible one is the cutout at the top of the screen and the rumored apps dock at the bottom.

And no, that’s not an iPhone 7 made to look like iPhone 8 be applying some tape to simulate the top notch, because it would be difficult to replicate the 18:9 screen ratio on a 16:9 iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, without leaving some content out of the screen.