With the Soul wristband you can spend more time with the people you know


Soul is a wristband created by Concepter, that has the aim to track the time you spend with your close ones, all this with a Bluetooth chip incorporated and a battery that lasts a year.


The software of the Soul wristband comes with an app that puts you in touch with other people that uses the same system, offering pieces of advice on the actions you should take in the relationships you created with them. These people don’t have to buy a wristband as well, downloading the app for Android or iOS devices, and activating the Bluetooth being enough.


For the moment, Soul is an Indiegogo project, but you can buy if for $30. So, if you need a gadget and an app to keep track of the people you know and don’t have time to spend with from time to time, maybe Soul is a solution for you.

Source: engadget