With Sensorwake you wake up in chocolate, money, mint or ocean scent [video]


A year ago, a French guy who hates the morning alarm, invented a clock that wakes you up with scents and not with the sharp brutal audio sounds of a classic alarm. Now, Sensorwake raised the necessary money on Kickstarter, and it can be bought for $109, with shipment starting in May.


So, it you don’t want to start hating a certain song or to wake up with a headache from the whole getting up action, you can try to see if ocean, jungle, coffee, chocolate, mint or croissant scents have better effect on starting the morning peacefully.


Sensorwake, Guillaume Rolland’s invention, is now part of the Google Success Engine startup program, is still in production phase, before starting the shipment in May.



Source: engadget