Windows 10 Mobile might have reached its end – no more builds are coming

- Adrian Ungureanu

Microsoft’s mobile operating system might not have long to live from now on, as an important official announced that no new built will be developed from now for the Windows 10 Mobile platform.

Anyway, the Windows smartphone ecosystem is extremely limited. The last time Windows 10 Mobile appeared in the statistics, the market share was below 0.1%, so it is a waste of effort, time and money for Microsoft to further develop the platform.

The news came from Brandon LeBlanc, Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager, on Twitter, who confirmed that no new builts will be released, a sign that Windows 10 Mobile has days numbered.

There were rumors at one point about the possibility of launching a new version of the operating system for mobile platforms. Completely redesigned, but the chances are very low for any new Windows mobile platform to be released.